ZF 8HP - Auto


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right company to repair my unit?

  • Does the company employ qualified staff?
  • Is the company registered with the RMI?
  • Is the company AA Quality approved?
  • Is the company SABS approved?
  • Has the company been in business for more than 2 years?
  • Trust your instinct!!

2. What does remanufacture "Driveline Product" mean?

  • A remanufacturing Driveline Product (i.e Gearbox, Transfer Box or Axle) is a product that has been completely restored OEM specifications, utilising quality components sourced from OEM approved manufacturers, with the equivalent of a new product warranty. Throughout the remanufacturing, the fitment process and during the warranty period, stringent standards and procedures are observed in terms of the SABS ISO 9002/SABS0279 and AA Quality certification. The end result is therefore a product with the reliability of a new product and the same level of protection for the end user. On the other hand a Refurbished/Reconditioned Driveline Unit is a product that has been repaired and brought back to running condition without particular standards being observed.

3. What determines the time it takes?

  • Exchange Driveline Products on the shelf. Spares availability from agents.

4. What is meaningful warranty?

  • 12 Month's / OEM equivalent.

5. What could be wrong if my unit does not want to engage gears?

Manual Gearbox:
  • Gear Links
  • Clutch Cable / Clutch master or slave cylinder
  • Clutch and Pressure Plate
  • If none of the above then it could be the gearbox - contact a gearbox technician
Automatic Gearbox:
  • Check oil level
  • If oil smell burned, gearbox could be damaged
  • Perform and bottom end service
  • Contact a gearbox technician

6. What oil must I use in my unit?

  • Each unit has been designed to operate on specific oil. Contact the Agents/Auto Digest.

7. What could be wrong if the gearbox scratches before engaging gears?

  • The problem could be the Clutch and Pressure Plate or the Synchromesh Rings.

8. Does my Driveline Products need servicing?

  • Yes! - At the same intervals as a complete vehicle service.

9. What is the difference between a winding and grinding noise?

  • A winding noise could indicate something wrong with the gears. A grinding noise could indicate something wrong with the bearings.

10. What damage could an unbalanced propshaft cause?

It could:
  • damage the extension housing
  • cause oil leaks on the extension housing
  • bend the gearbox output shaft
  • damage the bearings

11. What action can I take if I feel that the company I dealth with does not honour their promises?

  • If the company is a member of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) - simply contact your nearest branch and lodge a formal complaint. If the company is not a member, unfortunately you will have to contact a legal representative at your own cost.