VW Triptronic
Transmission Problems

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Propshaft Balancing Machine

- 2010-04-12
Responding to customer needs, Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding installed a completely new drive-shaft balancing machine geared specifically to the requirements of the current automotive industry. Central to the concept was the use of state-of-the-art technology to interface with our current job management system to provide customers transparency into our driveline framework.

Transmission Dynamometer

- 2009-12-07
Gearbox and Diff rebuilding has installed the most advanced driveline dynamometer available today for testing vehicle and truck drivelines against the original manufacturing specifications

Thermal Infrared Detection

- 2009-08-24
Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding again is leading with technology that creates opportunities to explore the unknown of automotive driveline sector in South Africa. With our latest thermal imaging camera in use, we scan and identify problem areas photographically that cannot be seen by the naked eye

Noise Vibration Harshness Testing

- 2009-05-15
Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding has acquired technology to monitor graphically the vibration or harshness of sounds on six different positions while driving a vehicle. The sounds gets recorded and can be printed in graphic format to show the before and after results of the recorded sound levels.