ZF 8HP - Auto


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Transmission Dynamometer


Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding has installed the most advanced driveline dynamometer available today for testing vehicle andtruck drivelines. With the capabilities of the Transmission Data Acquisitionand Control System we lead with this state-of-the-art computer simulation withupgrades available as and when our client needs change.

The capabilities are endless e.g.Front-wheel-drives, Rear-wheel-drives, Transverse, Manual and CVT’s. Thedynamometer adapts to domestic and foreign transmissions including the Allison 1000/2000transmissions, Honda, Mitsubishi, and longitudinal 42LE front-wheel-drivetransmissions such as the Chrysler 606. Conversion from front-wheel drive torear-wheel drive transmissions is easy.


With the dynamometer and the TDAC, we can test:

                 ·        All Gears – Planetary, Sun, etc.

·        Noise – Mechanical Hydro sonic

·        Hot & Cold testing

·        All available pressure points

·        Shift Points

·        Front pump capacity – flowpressure

·        Leaks – internal, external

·        Stall Speed – Forward, reverse

·        Throttle valve pressure

·        Automatic & manualup-shift, downshift

·        Vacuum pressure modulator

·        Solenoid functions

·        Converter – lockup types,non-lockup types

·        Output & internal loading

·        RPM test – left and rightoutputs

·        Converter and cooling linetemperature

·        Flow metering of cooler linetemp

·        Hydraulic function of thegovernor, clutch valve body & overdrive

·        Kick down

                  ·        And more!!! 


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