ZF 8HP - Auto


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Thermal Infrared Detection

Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding again isleading with technology that creates opportunities to explore the unknown ofthe automotive driveline in SouthAfrica. With our latest thermal imagingcamera in use, we scan and identify problem areas that can’t be seen by thenaked eye. Infrared radiation (IR) is emitted by every object above atemperature of   -273°C. The thermalcamera is a powerful tool as in many instances equipment failure is preceded bya period of increasing heat. Our equipment can take a photo of the heat the drivelineis emitting thus providing us with valuable information as to possible problemareas now and the future. A thermal imaging camera is a reliable non contactinstrument which is able to scan and visualize the temperature distribution ofentire surfaces of a driveline and electrical equipment quickly and accurately.

Part of our services provided to clients is a detail report as to what heat the specific driveline unit is operating. 


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Infrared benefits to customers


  • Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments and perform preventative inspections
  • Determine / find moisture or oil leaks
  • Identifies energy losses and poor insulation
  • Spot electrical faults before it is too late
  • Produce instant infrared images of your findings
  • Create a reports, analyze your findings


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